The Health and Wellness Initiative
For its participation in the Plan of Action on Rural Aging proposal, Hardy County planned to design, develop and implement a program of health promotion and best practice strategies in rehabilitation and preventive protocols. It targeted elderly clients who have a history of stroke, heart disease and/or diabetes and who will voluntarily enroll in the program. These clients drawn from a poll of those already accessing services throught the Hardy County Health and Wellness Center. The Center is a fully equipped modern facility with an aquatic therapy capacity, exercise room, physical therapy resources and an education and training conference room. It is, in these aspects, a state-of-the-art facility. The Health and Wellness Center was the operational site for the project and continues.

The Hardy County Health & Wellness Center's primary goals are to provide:
• Personalized wellness and fitness programs of physical activities
• Education that will enhance knowledge of disease process and activities for personal well-being/fitness
• Rehabilitation through physical therapy, occupational therapy and exercise physiology
• Opportunity for personal growth through interactions with others having similar problems

Hours of Operation:
6am - 9pm - Monday through Friday
8am - 12pm - Saturday

We offer:
• State-of-the-art equipment
• Rehabilitation programs
• Wellness and fitness programs
• Massage Therapy
• Towel Service
Membership Rate Schedule
Member Type Monthly Fee 1-Yr. Prepaid (less 5%)
Youth (13 and under) $10.00 $114.00
Individual (14 and up) 30.00 342.00
Individual with Aerobics 45.00 513.00
Family (children 14-21) 50.00 570.00
Senior 25.00 285.00
Senior with Aerobics 35.00 399.00
Aerobics 35.00 399.00
Aerobics (seniors) 30.00 342.00
Membership Add-ons
Aerobics 15.00 N/A
Aerobics (seniors) 10.00 N/A
Wellness and Pool 10.00 N/A
Daily Rates
Daily Visit   5.00
Aerobics   10.00
Massage Therapy Rates
1/2 hour table (members) 20.00 N/A
1 hour table (members) 35.00 N/A
1/2 hour table (non-members) 35.00 N/A
1 hour table (non-members) 50.00 N/A

Membership includes exercise room, open pool, lap swim, wellness and education programs.

Prices are subject to change.